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Boob-eez® Nipple Covers are a must-have accessory for every woman - every age, shape color & size! It's the closest thing you can get to going commando for those that aren't comfortable ditching thier bra or "freeing the nipple" just yet.

Expand the life-time of your covers by WASHING THEM - ideal for reusable nipple shields made from 100% medical grade silicone + adhesive. 

How-to wash your pasties (aka, nipple covers, nipple pads, sticky boobs) correctly! Go braless with boob-eez re-usable nipple covers. SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME & reduce, reuse, recycle.


1) Heat water to a luke-warm temperature.
2) Rinse covers in luke-warm water. Rinsing silicone covers in heated water allows the particles in the adhesive to expand and release extremities. 
3) Wash with mild soap (a soap that is FACE and PRIVATE AREA worthy). Gently massage covers with fingertips to remove dust, oils, hair and bacteria. 
4) Rinse with clean, warm water. 
5) Lay covers out to dry in a dust-free location

Boob-eez is a fashion-fix accessories line created by Carlie and Emilie Christenson in 2009.


"Feel FREE in the skin you're in."

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